4 Sneaky Ways to Hide Cords in Your Home


    We’ve all experienced the tangle of cords and cables beneath our desks, or had trouble hiding that glaring orange cable in your living room. Whether you’re looking for a streamlined solution or tips for hiding your cords and cables in your home, we’re here to help. Check out these 4 sneaky ways for hiding cords and cables in your home.

    1. Adhere Hooks to Wall or Desk

    Detangle the computer cords behind your desk once and for all! Buy a pack of Command hooks and adhere them to the back of your desk or on your wall. Simply string the cords along on the hooks so that they’re off the floor and out of sight.

    2. Hide Cords in Decorative Boxes

    Pick out a decorative box where you can stash away your cords and cable. If you cut a small hole in the back of the box, you can string the cords into the box and neatly wrap them up. Keep the box on your desk or table so that the cords are totally hidden and out of the way.

    3. Install Paintable Cord Covers

    One of the most ingenious accessories for your home are paintable cord covers! These handy strips will hide unattractive cords along a wall, corner of a room, or on a mantel. All you have to do is paint the cover so that it blends into your walls. This solution is so sneaky, and you won’t even notice the difference!

    4. Place a Power-Strip in Your Nightstand or Table

    Plug all of your cords in in one place! Buy a powerstrip that accommodates all of your cords and cables. Simply place a powerstrip in your nightstand or table drawer and string the main cord through the back of the unit. Some nightstands or tables already come with a hole in the back for this purpose, which makes the installation a little easier!

    What tips do you have for hiding cords in your home? Share with us below!

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