5 Ways to Find Volunteer Opportunities in Your Town


    When you move to a new place, it can be especially difficult to find volunteer opportunities in your town. Check out these sources to get you on your way to doing good and giving back to your community.

    Check Out the Chamber of Commerce

    A great source for finding out how to volunteer in your area is the Chamber of Commerce. Whether you stop by in person or visit their website, your local Chamber can provide information on organizations and clubs to get involved with in your town.

    Contact Your Library and Public Schools

    Most libraries and schools are always looking for volunteers to help out at annual fundraising events. Contact an administrator at your local library or public school to see if they need volunteers for an upcoming event.

    Talk to Seasoned Neighbors

    If anyone knows your town well, it’s most likely the people who have lived there for years. Ask your seasoned neighbors if they’ve been involved with local organizations, charities, or fundraising events over the years and find out how you can contribute.

    Research Local Charities

    If you had luck talking to your neighbors, research the information they gave you on local charities or organizations. Many charities have seasonal events, such as Thanksgiving food drives or winter clothing donations, which need lots of volunteers.

    Read the Local Newspaper

    One of the best ways to stay informed at the local level is to read the local newspaper. Check out the events or classifieds sections for volunteer opportunities nearby. If you’re feeling inspired, get a group of friends or neighbors together to host your own event to support a local charity or organization of your choice!

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