How to Baby-Proof Your Home

    Be prepared to baby-proof every room in your home to keep your child safe. Babies and toddlers love to grab and try to eat anything they can get their hands on. Now that your baby or toddler can crawl or walk, it will give you peace of mind knowing that no matter where they are in your home, he or she will always be safe. Here are some helpful tips on how to baby-proof your home and ensure your little one doesn’t get hurt.

    Cover Sharp Corners

    Locate sharp corners in every room of your home. Buy foam pads that you can adhere to the corners of tables, desks, and dressers. They come in neutral colors and provide a soft, resilient surface in case your child bumps into furniture.

    Buy Cabinet Latches

    Keep your little one from getting into kitchen cabinets and toxic cleaning supplies. Install secure latches instead of finicky locks to ensure they stay away from harmful items. To be extra cautious, store your cleaning supplies in a high cabinet space so that your child can’t reach them.

    Utilize Wall-Mount Gates

    When you can’t simply shut a door or install a latch, use wall-mount gates to keep your child from getting hurt. Buy wall-mount gates to install at the bottom of your stairs so that your little one doesn’t go wandering upstairs. You can also use a baby-proof “fence” to cover fireplaces and keep kids safe from hot flames and sharp corners.

    Relocate Floor Plants

    Make sure you relocate your floor plants to a room that your child cannot access on his or her own. If your plants are small enough, move them to a high table or counter surface. Babies are curious and will be more than willing to grab some leaves to munch on. Avoid calling poison control at all costs!

    Keep Small Objects Out of Reach

    Stick to the toilet paper roll rule! Keep anything that could fit inside an opening the size of a toilet paper roll out of reach. Baby-proof every room of our home by keeping knick-knacks and other choking hazards off of coffee tables or low surfaces.

    Cover Outlets and Shorten Cords

    Electrical outlets and cords are one of the most common ways a child gets hurt at home. Curious and quick, children will poke around an outlet in the blink of an eye. Buy outlet covers and cord shorteners to ensure your little one can’t stick his or her fingers in dangerous places or chew on an electrical cord. Outlet covers conveniently come in different colors to match your walls.

    While all of these tips make your home safe, it’s most important that you keep a very close eye on your child to prevent harm altogether. In addition to baby-proofing your home, make sure you educate your child on dangerous objects, like a hot stove or fireplace. Preventative measures are as essential as teaching your children what’s dangerous to touch or poke.

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